Human Resources Achievement Program, Inc. offers a program that consists of three primary components: Entrepreneurship, Human Resources & the Arts. The program is structured to expose students to these three areas using an interactive style curriculum to foster student engagement.


Human Resources Achievement Program, Inc. is a non-profit organization that focuses on providing training and enrichment programs to students ages 16-24 years old. Our goal is to change the trajectory of young people's lives and eliminate the pipeline from school to prison one student at a time. 


We partner with other communicty based organizations that serve our targeted population such as DC Public Schools, Community Group Homes, DC Parks and Recreation as well as neighborhood churches under a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA). We deliver a robust interactive 12 weeks program during the week-days and on Saturdays at our partner organization's location.


1. Start a business (How to develop & write a business plan)

2. Recruit and hire people

3. Develop and execute a marketing & advertisement campaign

5. Contract with local businesses

6. Produce and promote a creative project such as a play or video

7. Share a creative project with the public

8. Demonstrate the knowledge & skills neede to effectively assist in a HR or Administrative environment

9. Describe the fundamental concepts and rules of employment law

10. Apply for employment opportunities and develop a plan to continue higher education

11. Earn $5 for every class completed

12. Receive a meal & drink at every class

13. METRO SMART Trip Card for transportation (if required)

14. Assigned Mentor/Partner

15. Community engagement

The Arts With HRAP Silent Auction '19

Listen to CEO, HR Director and Communications Director

discuss the success of the fundraising event as well as

the work we are doing in the community for our youths.  

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HRAP 90 Day's Challenge

Breaking The SChool To Prison Pipeline One Youth At A Time

Want to join us in making a difference? We are raising money for Human Resources Achievement Program. We are asking 1000 people to make a small donation of $20, but any donation will help make an impact. We are working hard to break the school to prison pipeline. Thanks in advance for your contribution!



HRAP is a full 12 weeks Programs that focuses on changing the trajectory of the lives of young people of color. In order to do this we need you. Currently we do a lot of Fundraisers in order to accomplish this goal for our Students. We are looking for Volunteers to #comeGROWwithUs. In addition, we are in need of an ARMY (Area Residents Mentoring Youths) to Mentor our young people. This program is also dependent on Sponsors and Donations from people and companies like yours. Make a donation today!

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