Human Resources Achievement Program, Inc. offers a program that consists of three primary components: Entrepreneurship, Human Resources & the Arts. The program is structured to expose students to these three areas using an interactive style curriculum to foster student engagement.


Human Resources Achievement Program, Inc. is a non-profit organization that focuses on providing training and enrichment programs to students ages 16-24 years old. Our goal is to change the trajectory of young people's lives and eliminate the pipeline from school to prison one student at a time. 


We partner with other community based organizations that serve our targeted population such as DC Public Schools, Community Group Homes, DC Parks and Recreation as well as neighborhood churches under a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA). We deliver a robust interactive 12 weeks program during the week-days and on Saturdays at our partner organization's location.


1. Start a business (How to develop & write a business plan)

2. Recruit and hire people

3. Develop and execute a marketing & advertisement campaign

5. Contract with local businesses

6. Produce and promote a creative project such as a play or video

7. Share a creative project with the public

8. Demonstrate the knowledge & skills needed to effectively assist in a HR or Administrative environment

9. Describe the fundamental concepts and rules of employment law

10. Apply for employment opportunities and develop a plan to continue higher education

11. Earn $5 for every class completed

12. Receive a meal & drink at every class

13. METRO SMART Trip Card for transportation (if required)

14. Assigned Mentor/Partner

15. Community engagement & Community Service Hours


1st Annual Holiday Gifts Giveaway. We did it!!!

1st Annual Turkey Baskets Giveaway Was A Success!

Thank you very much for registering to receive Turkey Baskets during this holiday season. It was our sincere pleasure to serve you. We realize that the need is greater than what we could offer this year and we look at this as an opportunity to do more next year.  We plan to get out there and start early in our fundraising efforts as well as galvanize the neighborhoods and get others involved.


This entire event was made possible by volunteers,  who do not earn money  from the work they do. They do this because they care and are committed to making our community better by giving their time, money, and making personal sacrifices. We owe them a great debt that can only be repaid by paying  it forward. 


In particular we would like to thank Ms. Chaunette Stokes, our Director of Sponsorships and Fundraising for leading and organizing this event. Chaunette not only worked to make this event a success, but she also enlisted the help of her mother and aunt, Ms. Marie and Stacy Bowling, who travelled from Manassas, VA. We thank you so very much.


We would also like to thank all our other volunteers to include our special under 18 volunteers (children of volunteers) like: Khalil Brooks Jr. (8 years old), who got up early on a Saturday morning to go shopping with us. Also, Alijah Wade  (10 years old), who on an early Sunday morning got up to go pickup turkeys, unload the vehicles, stuff bags, and was individually responsible for making sure all 100 bags had an HRAP flyer. Lastly, Javar Rodriguez (14 years old) who distributed bags of joy to those in need. These 3 young men are the future of this country and they are showing early that you are never too young to give back and get involved.


Last but not least, the people who make up HRAP and makes us able to do what we do. These individuals for over the last six years have worked tirelessly to effect change and help build HRAP.  They are the ones who deserve all the praise. This event was made possible by their efforts and hard work as well as their financial contributions. Anna David (Director of Development and Incoming CEO 2021), Kennetta Douglas (Director of Enterprise Support), LaTasha Davis (Chief Financial Officer), Walter Crawford (Director of Education and Programs), Kimberly Williams (Chief Strategist), Daniel Byrd, (Director of Volunteer Services), Tiffanne May (Director of Mentorship & incoming Director of Development 2021), Krystal Oriadha (Director of Communications), Dominique Odesola (Director of Human Resources), Barbara Oliver (Deputy Director of Sponsorship and Fundraising), Antarriey Norman (Deputy Director of Mentorship), Cathy Brown (Deputy Director Social Media), Annamelda Paul (Policy Writer), Linda Whitting (Trainer), Melvin Dockett (Trainer), Jerrell Shuford (Student Advisor & Security Specialist), Donna Powell (Program Support Assistant), Anthony Wade (Logistics, Contracts and Procurement), Khalil Brooks (Building Engineer and Logistic Support) and Tanja Boney (Event Coordinator). 


A special thank you to other volunteers and friends who came out to support this effort. Individuals like, Edna Rodriguez, Jason Vanzant, Allene David, Robert Murray, Kerry Kee, and Niajee Ervin.  We thank you and want you to know there's always a place for you to "Come Grow With Us" here at HRAP.


We would like to thank our sponsors who provided gift cards, CashApp, and other contribution to make this event a success. We ask that you in kind support them: Harris TeeterTrader Joe'sThe HIVE 2.0REIGN LLCBlissful BlenzNo Hidden AgendaCrawford CornerDocs Fitness 100Healthy AgingC Spa & Wellness and Richard Brown


There is so much work to do. We are calling on the entire area of Washington, DC to find a program to get involved with. It does not have to be Human Resources Achievement Program, Inc.  Find a program that shares your same values as I am certain there is a need for whatever skillset you possess. Thank you again for allowing us to serve you.


Ernesto Rodriguez, Founder and CEO

HRAP, Inc.


#Break the norms to #Break the cycle Series

#BREAK...... This #BREAK represents: 1. #Break the cycle of police brutality and the shooting of unarmed people of color. 2. #Break the school to prison pipeline. 3. #Break the stigma of mental health in the black community 4. #Break away from all things race driven in order to rebuild the American system (this speaks to our allies whom we are calling to action. To break away from their norms of silence for the sake of peace). 5. #Break from those in our communities who don’t speak up for us or support us but take our dollar$.

EPISODE 1 - #Break the cycle of police brutality and the shooting of unarmed people of color.

EPISODE 2 - #Break The Stigma Of Mental Health In The Black Community  

EPISODE 3 - #Break the School to Prison Pipeline 

EPISODE 4 - #Break away from all things race driven in order to rebuild the American system 

EPISODE 5 - #Break from those in our communities who don’t speak up for us or support us but take our dollar$


We Need Your Help ComeGROWwithUs 

HRAP is a full 12 weeks Programs that focuses on changing the trajectory of the lives of young people of color. In order to do this, we need you. Currently we do a lot of Fundraisers in order to accomplish this goal for our Students. We are looking for Volunteers to #comeGROWwithUs. In addition, we are in need of an ARMY (Area Residents Mentoring Youths) to Mentor our young people. This program is also dependent on Sponsors and Donations from people and companies like yours. Make a donation today!

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