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Human Resources Achievement Program or HRAP, is a forward leaning, boots on the ground nonprofit organization dedicated to bring about change in the disadvantage communities of color in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area. As one of the areas (only) nonprofit offering community engagement, advocacy, and programing to youths ages 1 to 17 and adults 18 and above, we provide community members the opportunity and education necessary to become the best version of themselves.


HRAP helps by establishing community connections for educational, internship and permanent employment, as well as establishing community partnerships and internal accessory tools to provide an equitable advantage to change the trajectory of our residents lives. So,  #ComeGROWwithus!

                          Recognizing Our Top Achievers

Sarah Manning

Honor Graduate - Entrepreneurship

This lotus flower, designed by Sarah Manning, represents the eternal place that her 14 year old brother, Antoine, who was fatally shot on Halloween night in Washington, DC in 2022, has in all of our hearts.

Sarah is the youngest graduate of the entrepreneurship program and has handled her own since her first day. She came in knowing exactly what she wanted to get out of the program and made sure it happened. Her tenacity and leadership exuded each time she walked through the door. Everything we asked her to do, she delivered; and did so with grace and humility. Sarah honored her older brother, Antonie, by graduating at the top of the class.

She explained that this image that can be made in any color, and her clothing brand itself, provides a way for those who are no longer here with us to remain alive by way of their loved ones.

Feeling 'Alive' is truly all we really have. Let’s hold on to that thought and help to keep Sarah's dreams alive by supporting what she's created. #ALIVE

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