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The program kicks-off with Human Resource Management, in particular with the "AT-will" Doctrine. Students will learn the basic functions of Human Resources as well as the role they play in the organization. Human Resources are a multifaceted, necessary part of most organizations. It is responsible for many different workplace needs, including recruiting, hiring, payroll, professional development, performance evaluation, employee retention, disciplinary action, and ethics. All-in-all, it takes an active role in managing compliance with government regulations, and mediates between the employee and the business on issues. Sometimes these sections of human resources are even broken down further into departments, depending on the size of the company. Each role, however, is integral to employee and business success.


The pre-module quiz, “What do you already know?” is designed to explore some of those assumptions and set the stage for learning. Have the students take the quiz early in the class and then put it aside until the end of the module. At the end of the module, ask the students to take the quiz again and compare the results to their first quiz. Students can identify where their first assumptions were wrong; this can be a good discussion point at the end of the module to talk about what was learned.





Out of the #hrap2PointO came out the Human Resource Information Systems/Project Management track. This class introduces HR students to human resource management systems (HRIS) and project management and demonstrates the integration of these areas. Geared towards young adult students, this class discusses the historical development of HRIS, explores project management concepts as they relate to an HRIS integration project and allows students to apply project management techniques to and HRIS integration project.



The Youth Entrepreneurship Development program is an initiative that works to improve employment, entrepreneurship, and civic engagement opportunities for Undefended Students (US). HRAP, Inc. is working in collaboration with relevant organizations and agencies across the public, private, and civil society sectors to offer Undefended Students access to high quality, comprehensive training. Practical and participatory capacity building for these youth-serving institutions is an ongoing focus of the program in order to provide young people with demand-driven, sustainable, and high quality projects that support their entry into the workforce and foster tangible improvements to their local communities.  

The program offers three integrated components:

  1. Capacity Building to Youth Serving Institutions
  2. Support for Employment and Entrepreneurship Education
  3. Practical On-the-Job Training.


The Entrepreneur Self-Test was developed by the Chamber of Commerce to be used as a resource. This is not comprehensive or exact evaluation but can provide you with an overall view of your entrepreneurial potential. This test assesses your character qualities, problem-solving methods, motivations, relational skills, business knowledge and support system known to be critical in successful entrepreneurship. Please answer the questions objectively to generate a realistic and useful interpretation



The purpose of the Leadership Skills Training for HRAP, Inc. participants is to teach Undefended Students (US) in the program about their new roles and how to most effectively reach success in that role. It is intended to help students in leadership positions within the program understand their responsibilities and to equip them with organizational and leadership skills to fulfill those responsibilities. 



A leader has certain characteristics that make him or her successful. Evaluate yourself on your own personal leadership capabilities by taking the quiz below. Circle the number that, for you, best corresponds with each statement. Be honest!


The Entrepreneur Self Test.pdf
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The Social Skills Training Program is an innovative curriculum that teaches essential life/social skills to students in a language and a manner that engages and supports them in navigating the education pipeline. This course is grounded in the practical concept of, "I have the job, now what do I do?" This training places a lot of emphasis on manuevering through the organizational landmines. HRAP, Inc. is at the forefront of an education movement that gives students the training and tools they need to be productive and compete in a global community. It integrates life/social skills with technology competence to support 21st century options and opportunities in Human Resources.


These assessments contain 31 questions relating to your socialization and communication skills. Basically, all of these questions have something to do with how you interact with others. These assessments will help you accurately identify your own social strengths and weaknesses.

Social Skills Assessment.pdf
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Would you like to host an Intern?

Hosting an HR Intern can be a rewarding experience for host organizations, interns, and their peers. HRAP, Inc. provides ongoing support throughout your intern’s stay and is committed to providing intern students with outstanding customer service in support of your organization’s mission. 

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