Our 2nd Train-The-Trainer Session August 2019

A discussion on Data Analysis took place.

HRAP Programs at a Glance

HRAP offers a program that consists of three primary components: Entrepreneurship, Human Resources and The Arts. The program is structured to expose students to these three areas using an interactive style curriculum to foster student engagement. 


This allows students to discover their creativity and encourages cultivation of their talents as they pursue their goals and aspirations. It also supports development and strengthening of their communication and critical thinking skills.


Business Management


The Youth Entrepreneurship Development program is an initiative that works to improve employment, entrepreneurship, and civic engagement opportunities for Undefended Students (US). HRAP, Inc. is working in collaboration with relevant organizations and agencies across the public, private, and civil society sectors to offer Undefended Students access to high quality, comprehensive training. Practical and participatory capacity building for these youth-serving institutions is an ongoing focus of the program in order to provide young people with demand-driven, sustainable, and high quality projects that support their entry into the workforce and foster tangible improvements to their local communities.  

The program offers three integrated components:

  1. Capacity Building to Youth Serving Institutions
  2. Support for Employment and Entrepreneurship Education
  3. Practical On-the-Job Training.

Business Administration



The HR program kicks-off with the "AT-will" Doctrine. Students will learn the basic functions of Human Resources as well as the role they play in the organization. Human Resources are a multifaceted, necessary part of most organizations. It is responsible for many different workplace needs, including recruiting, hiring, payroll, professional development, performance evaluation, employee retention, disciplinary action, and ethics. All-in-all, it takes an active role in managing compliance with government regulations, and mediates between the employee and the business on issues. Sometimes these sections of human resources are even broken down further into departments, depending on the size of the company. Each role, however, is integral to employee and business success.




This course introduces students to the fine arts. Each of our Life Stories program is unique - specifically tailored to the current student body and the setting it takes place in. However, every Life Stories program features the following components:


  • An invitation for students to share openly about their lives and a safe space in which the sharing can occur
  • Improvisational exercises and storytelling techniques that facilitate the sharing
  • An exploration of common themes that have emerged from the sharing
  • Guiding principles for developing the work into a final procut (wheter an informal storytelling session, a film featuring scripted scenes, or a fully staged live performance)
  • A structured rehersal process
  • A puclic affirmation opportunity (performance or screening for peers or the larger community)
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