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One of HRAP's signature programs is the Internship program. Since the beginning, HRAP, Inc. has partnered with high-profile organizations to provide substantive, career-oriented summer internships for our students interested in Human Resource Management. We work  to create a program tailored to your specific career goals, combining classroom study with on-the-job training and close mentoring by practicing professionals in a workplace environment. You’ll make valuable career contacts and bolster your resume with the hands-on training employers seek in today’s competitive job market. email:

HRAP Interns Wanted

Interested in learning Human Resource Management from the ground up?  Whether your interest is in recruitment, project management, benefits, management, or employee relations, HRAP, Inc. offers opportunity in administrative and human resource careers.

Expect the type of work to be challenging and aggressive, yet extremely rewarding. Assignments will challenge you to adapt to different work operational tempo while at the same time, building new skills and strengthening existing competencies. Candidates will interact with senior executives and be able to make unique contributions, while gaining hands-on experience.

HRAP, Inc. has attracted highly motivated candidates who today hold various senior management position. HRAP, Inc. is dedicated towards playing an active role in sharing knowledge and expertise with the next generation of HR professionals who strive to improve the nation's workforce.

Eligibility FAQs

Am I eligible for HRAP Internships?

If you are a high school student that will be age 17-18 this summer then you are eligible for HRAP Internships. Most participants are rising high school seniors (completed junior year), however we also receive many applications from rising juniors. Students that have completed their senior year are also eligible provided they are under 24. All HRAP Internships participants must have completed the 11th grade.


Am I eligible for the commuter program?

Permanent residents of Los Angeles, Boston, New York, or London, and their surrounding areas, can participate in our internship programs as commuter students. To be eligible, you must live within a 1 hour commute of the city.


Will I be accepted into HRAP Internships?

When making our acceptance decisions we look for students who can demonstrate sufficient maturity and motivation to enter a professional work environment. Admission to HRAP Internships is competitive. You will be notified of the admission decision after the completed application is received and the phone interview is conducted. Students do not necessarily need to have outstanding grades or previous work experience to gain acceptance.


Do I need previous internship or professional experience?

Most students have not previously done a professional internship. Certain internship opportunities, however, do require familiarity with relevant technology or other advanced skills. Students who have a portfolio, advanced computer skills, prior professional experience, or other unique or extraordinary skills may have additional opportunities available to them.


I just graduated High School – am I eligible for the HRAP Internships Program?

Yes, you are eligible for the program, provided you are under 24 and have not begun college.


Do you have internships for college students?

Currently we do not offer internships for college students. Our focus is on those students who are less likely to make it to college and need additional help in finding internships or graduating from high school. 

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